Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wind and Rock, Days of Stone

Ithaca 664

Adjacent revolutions
nullifying cities
all of it, predictable
all of it, subject to ownership
performance employed in a state of business
and it is just business, after all
A wheel of gratitude
and stupidity-as if
inevitably there is a market for sorrow
and its sales of limits
with a raised hand in rainy salutation
its special sons propel
their special sunless mothers
into encounters with the void
where constant work is needed
to endure these endless, reluctant days.

-For EDMC and the Art Institutes

Ithaca 665

The practice of indifferent memory is
a play where the players exchange roles
has there ever been a different sort of youth?
lifting our moneyed eyes to the coinage of fate
to the Phoenix rising
above a field of sky
where velocity is no longer desirable
where muscle is occupation
and mirrors arranged in circles
concentrate the beautiful light
leading us, the blind into deafness
and darkness where there is art to being alone
and surviving these thoughts of loneliness
we're never free from our own judgment-
other mindless
built of obstacles I am
a different jew
singing uncertainty
a survivor blooming so openly
in a field of stones disguised as wind.

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Rod MacGregor said...

Once I get here for a 'quick look', I tend to stay longer than planned!!