Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Uncanny Waves of Light

Ithaca 659

the leadpaper shells the lacerated reminiscences
now emptied of blood and meaning
In the new order violent meat will
will be forgotten

Irish Spanish surface solidified
justify natural coincidences and cement them to
fragments of choices
numbered in bloodshed where means mean
size and various disorder.

Ithaca 660

We've lost the light lost the
language of our suffiency lost the
mark of rapid constancy
where darkness is appointed
to license loss and Zion is now a failure

We label each consideration with special shining
and sustain ourselves in diffusion, meaning
arranging hands according to
their variability and
to suit our interpretation of success.

Ithaca 661

I am a guest in this hut
thoughts of rain accompany
a steady beat of acceptance on the roof
quickly fissures open in our conclusion
we are aided in this through classic measure
and vicious delusions
thinking, drinking imaginary instructions
solve the problem- how to murder
your usurpers
the pleasure of acceptance the answers-the solutions
substituted with jackets of intention

May we borrow the heat while we wait out the night?

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Richard Ewing said...

Beautiful set of humans in number one. I like the mix of innocence and cynicism to the halitoside.