Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fill It With Sighs

Sirens 266-267

They drank the cool water and they were clean and they were together.They watched the lovely sails as they travelled across the face of an obedient ocean.They were awed at the sight of the falling Daedalus.They waved a silent goodbye as the heeling ship troubled the fading afternoon.They did not say that they would be back, no, not for certain.They held the lord in their hands until it turned to smoke and left an unnamed aroma.They ran to the night and found themselves drenched in saints.They sang tunelessly from paper napkins and cared not for tomorrow.They watched the morning gentlemen enter, screaming silly songs.They spit into the wind.They pined for love.
They rose into the air.
They rose.

Sirens 268-269

The curious air becomes close and fills the valley of the lost with sighs.
A gale of woe, touching the dangerous waves, calls us and we long to go-
To receive a kiss for our song. But, still, the heart brings down the moon
An innocent mistake because of a remembered voice. Sleep in the beautiful
Night and dream of Echo, her not sad voice leaving a wound where the shadow
Once waited. Hold back the brave until the proud are all lost, until the ear and
The eye are filled with rage.
A blackbird perches upon my heart and I let the murmuring of liars wash over me.
I remember the name of the morning.

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