Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Sirens

Sirens 284-285

Barry Barry Bloom comes a tap tap tapping
Voice melodious oozing pouring sing out you
Righteous fate. Wallop me with a blind curse remininding
Us that you were here. The sardine sandwich the razor the cheap attorney
The choice of summer .
You , in your skin and I in mine, hard believing that we let pass fate
Without a chanceless window or a whispered word in parting.
As if rehearsing a stroke of fortune causes memory to retreat.
As if you forgot the blind and blowing shriek of mermaids off the sea.
As if you marched alone toward home and bed and wife.
Then you remember there is no music with which to awaken the dead.
Put off death in its black straw hat and beat the drum against the wind.

Sirens 286

A nation blind
In the hero’s window
A country of the sea
True but un-lifted.
Surely, behind the earth you’ll find them,
These last men
The last epitaph
Lonely, young, written.

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