Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life Is Crazy, Let's Dance

Sirens 262-263

You are like a song in the quivering air. A flower
Suspended in music communing with the light.
In a sudden note the heart of your appetite flows- becomes
So much clearer- the endings are found chordlike,
Dwelling among the owners of the faltering
Dust. I could not leave you, a waiter, an agitated eye, now
Mirrorless and gliding. The dying black chords are doorways
To all the quickly spoken spells, bending ears for those who
Can’t hear them.

A finger on the horn bids you come closer- you in creaking shoes and
And gloomy Judas coat- Afterwards a high bell holds you
Against the sighing hue of skybluesky. You misunderstood the
Essence of all this, the sunnier no oneness of this. Through the silence
you think of this day. How warm it is.
Sirens 264-265

We knew what depths there were, but this is before we turned
All handy. Where do we search for our forgiveness, where do we remember?
We were married in brilliance out on a strong ocean, voices of horns
Calling to the wind. In god’s opera there is a business of ardency, a thoughtless
Shameless name. Wakened by a burning garment, we make our way to the
Palace of Saturdays then wander back, among the laughter and gloom.
We dance to the tune of night pianos, thousands of them, clattering out chords of
Tight misery. We look to other travelers, to attack them and steal their souls.

Then, there are the shadows. Carried in wonder, in bald, inexquisite opinion. We are
On the rocks as a thousand hats take to the air in silent celebration.
Somewhere a drummer beats out a distant song of love.

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