Monday, January 4, 2010

Humming Pebbles, Bitter Pearls

SIRENS 260-261

The humming pebbles are poised to hear the
lies of youth and love. They cannot stop
themselves. The dying answers are calls, pure,
heroic, lifted high. We are voices from a richer
time. We look to please ourselves in some
golden future.

Between the conquering blazes and the
birdsong at the window is the unseen thing,
unfairly changed, drinking glassfuls of roses and
thinking of tits and lies. An arrival is a hand on
the shoulder. Smiling Egypt is awakened and
ready to receive you. The clock tells our
fortunes and we are held like hostage princes
far from our eastern seas.

A cantor of love rises but has forgotten the
song- we couldn’t hear it anyway, our ears so
stuffed with coins. We put on our coats and
step out into the rain, brooding over answers of
wonder. We are now aloft and bent in rage,
watching for a change in the light. Bitter pearls
drop from the curbs in the street where all the
stores are closed- the doorkeys lost- the owners
have changed.

The fading morning might be of some higher value.

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Richard Ewing said...

Beautiful... All three in this post. Turn them into paintings?