Monday, July 18, 2011

History of the Camera

Eumaeus 600

An inspection of doleful rottenness

reveals a moral unknown

for how do we tumble down this embankment?

how do we become unquestionably fine and sober?

Our daughters are married to terror and

night, your name comes in shades of breath

your widows come with pistols and they

and chisel your compliments off

the pillars of your dissoluteness.

your lords strangle their fathers

and divide their delicate fortunes

while leaving the bodies hanging

Night! help me to survive your desperadoes

as I draw nearer to your descendants.

Eumaeus 601

Bright- the poet is demolished

Having no place to sleep

he sprinkles himself about the months

he was a distant expression of sense

an affluent joke told in a nightmare

it knows its blood

it knows its touch

and finds itself lost among the undesirables

Eumaeus 602

The glutton's purpose

is to give the account of the eye

while an odd questioner

who doesn't give a shit

dodges watchmen

and the truthful error

the evident weeks reverse fortune

the dim bookkeeper

carries forward the broken sums

a private moment somewhere

is quietly emptied


Rod MacGregor said...

Inspirational work as usual!

Mike Tracy said...

Thanks, Rod.