Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A List of Fictional Ships

Eumaeus 603

The saddest sounds are like those

of the road, when mistaken for the wind

the deeds of the parasite


in rare depth

chronically dilapidated

without the slightest intelligence

a matter in need of repair

an evasive love

now grown inquisitive.

we walk together

and in walking

our need for servitude

is our direction.

Eumaeus 604

the diplomat companion

and the paper tourists

return to light

one last time

they understand the nature

of all those heads and bones,

abstaining, now, from any present

surprise is a narcotic

it comes in the shape of a eye

that belongs to misfortune

it comes repeated in confinement

in sooty churches

filled with charred commandments

it comes in eventually trying

to give the truth the slip.

Eumaeus 605

We are bound to our later moments

made of this shallow present,




our curiosity always ends

with our differences

utterly lucky

this fabulous species

all brains and respiration

makes itself handsome to the future

then, then, then.

we are nearly always

bamboozled by the facts


Richard Ewing said...

number two is simply beautiful.

(and yes, I have an affinity for 'the hidden face' as well.

but number two is simply beautiful.


Ted Blackman said...

For some reason i think of Hieronymous Bosch when viewing your slightly mad men, but that's a good thing!

Bill Jaynes said...

and/or James Ensor.They take me to other worlds.

Mike Tracy said...

Thank you, gentlemen