Monday, July 4, 2011

Time Abolished

Circe 587

we are rising from insult

witnessing the discharge of right and name

the hand that leaves will

also strike in anger

without provocation

a white-assed-god on its knees

above a crowd

will know a thing or two

about these easy glances

it staggers off the stage and

into the lock-up

its duty performed

Circe 588

O, lucky man

who follows the gold

laughing with a sureness

and appearing as a bystander

meanwhile stealing wallets

of the weepers and

wreath-bearing hands

left behind

as the bad racers disperse

all right, now, and

richer for the night

Circe 589

My hand shakes

a little bit, but

I am respected for my station

this worth is so little known

My hand shakes

a little bit,

once I understand the boundary of injury

done to the citizen of the wilderness

done to the little men of duty

done to the saluters of misunderstanding

done to the doers of confidential gentlemen

Thank you for winking, boys

my hand shakes

a little bit.


Richard Ewing said...

so nice

Number two: Woodstock meets Altamont... 1969 in a thousand concise words.

Number three: perfect image as this week rears its murky head.


Ted Blackman said...

Really interesting compositions, Mike.