Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I went to see the Murakami show yesterday. Really good taping. There is something going on, there, but concealed by the interior decorating and house painting-
It is inevitable, as an artist, that comparison follows appraisal- and I realize that my own view of the universe is somewhat clumsy. I also realize that this is one of the things that others may hold against me- however, it is what I am, and so, highly doubtful that I would ever impress those others, in the first place.
Still- there is a thrill (lower case T) is seeing the execution of highly planned and structured work in which the outcome never seems in doubt.
If I understand the intention- it would seem that there is a spoof of an organized take-over in marketing, on a galactic scale- but out at the edges- (Inochi, specifically) there is enough ick factor to feel assured that few will sit still for it. Glorious to watch, though.

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