Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Pie Fight in the Monkey House


Big brushes for little paintings, little brushes for big paintings
Paint like you draw, draw like you paint.

Each time I come to a statement of fact- such as, "painting is reductive while drawing is additive," I immediately conjure exceptions. Yet, this is mostly true, for me. A drawing is almost always, strictly and additive process, with rarely any "corrective" subtractions. The lines are often nervous because they are direct extensions of my haphazard thinking and poorly organized directions of energy- (oh glorious waste!!!!) I am trying to capture that ethic in the paintings, as well, but I realize that my wasteful approach to painting is wasteful in a different way- I add and add and add, then take away, then add some more- the adventure and the gamble is to take away almost to the point of completely dissolving the picture (sometimes even that.)

There is also the perverse thrill of destruction, even cherished things.

Happy Boxing Day.

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