Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Shortest Distance

A new idea for images comes to me: people who wear two hats. But then, this starts veering dangerously close to illustration- which, although not a bad place, is not where I want to go. For some reason indefiniteness appeals to me. Even if it creates a longing for something more coherent, more complete, that cannot be satisfied.
I remember this feeling from my earliest awareness- a deep, painful desire- not sexual, not from hunger or lack of comfort, but, something undefinable. Now, looking back, I realize that this black hole in the center of everything, is the cause of everything, both good and bad. I suspect this is true for most living beings. It may also be true of rocks.
If I were to write a true manifesto it might also contain the maxims: "make it easy to do," and "play." I learn so much about these things from my dog, Penny. She knows we must work, and she makes her daily journeys with some degree of purpose and gravity. But, she also takes the time to divert, to ramble, to smell and mark and sniff out possibility.
Sometimes the shortest distance between two points is not worth the trip.

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