Sunday, December 30, 2007



There may be few choices to be made, at the end, and fewer moments in which to make them. I’m convinced, now, that unlimited choices and unlimited time may not be a good thing. In fact, it may just be the evil that personifies our era. Perhaps this is simply a man with a hammer speaking, but we seem to long for evidence of unity and coherence. For instance: I have spent quite a bit of time lately, familiarizing myself with some of the more intimate aspects of DreamWeaver- the popular web-design program, and it occurred to me, during my travels- that a great deal of the features that are included are devoted to conferring a “standardized” look and function to the product of the application. It is an unhappy, even downright ugly occurrence to avoid and evade using the methods of construction suggested by the program- the files get bigger and more unwieldy- the appearance gets “homely” and the navigation or function becomes more confusing. (See my website)

The need for freedom and personal integrity (I don’t use this term in the way you might think) - perhaps a determination to make one’s own way without interference from much of noise that passes for the life of the culture (or the culture of the life,) this is the grail – the doorway through which lies transformative expression- but this passage is probably not unified nor coherent. I suspect that a short attention span may well be an evolutionary tactic to push the “creative” impulse toward this. In transformation, the doorway is often an abyss.

As December brings a close to 2007- so also it finishes this year of sketchbook practice. I think there may be close to 100 entries in my sketchbook for this month. Now I need to decide on formats for archiving this year and establishing 2008. Something I never look forward to.

Happy New Year!


Ivan's blog said...

happy new year mike!, cool stuff as usual. I went and finally checked out the Murakami show, It was definetly worth it, although I wish we coulda gone as a class.

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