Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In the Kingdom of the Blind

John Dewey: "The conception that objects have fixed and unalterable values is precisely the prejuidice from which art emancipates us."

Our duty to each other is to re-present those moments of liberation, somehow, amongst the responsibilities of survival, social adhesion and the anxiety of careerism. If you can turn away from the wind of all this, even for a moment, and not give a fuck, one way or the other, whether anyone understands or even cares- that's the trick. I do think we all have an audience of a hundred, or so, some less, some more, that do get it- to my audience, wherever you are- thanks!

"What will will they think of my hat,
the Polish, in a hundred years?

What will they say about my poetry,
Who never touched my blood?

How do we measure the foam
That slips from the beer?

What does a fly do, imprisoned
in one of Petrarch's sonnets?"

-Pablo Neruda
Number Ten- the Book of Questions

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