Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to Fly

One of the best things about sleeping is dreaming. One of the best dreams is the flying dream. It happens, for me, several times a month. Usually I am only a few feet above the ground- (I can dunk a basketball in these dreams) and I often think, "gee, this is really easy, I need to remember these principles when I wake up." Trying as hard as I could, as a child, I tried to levitate and fly while awake- but,..well, you know the story.
When I was using drugs on a daily basis (a long time ago,) I wrote a lot of "poetry." I once wrote a poem that consisted of the entire contents of my desk drawer. I was awed by the sheer artistic genius of this inspiration. The next day, when I had sobered up, I thought- "what is this rubbish?"
There are some religions, I think, that regard life as a vacation from our innate divinity- a time when we get to forget that we are gods and to play in this sensory-realm, a world that is otherwise unavailable to us. Although I don't believe this, per Se, I like the idea. Subconsciousness is a marvelous swimming hole- full of authentic fishes- and, not a few, monsters.

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