Monday, March 3, 2008

Naval Aviation: an Operetta

A couple of announcements: First- I made a new Print-On-Demand book called "19-Handed Monster and Other Dumbass Operas- available from along with the book of sketchbook drawings I entitled "Amphiboly." I have priced both books at what it costs to print them, without a mark-up, simply because, for what they are (a vanity project, clear and simple,) they are hideously expensive; the paper back version of the painting book will probably cost you $35 bucks to order, ship and pay tax on- (yikes!) But, if you are family or friend- although I would love to give you all one for free- my budget is extremely tight, these days- so,......
And, second, I will be participating in the semi-annual Brewery ArtWalk- coming up April 5th and 6th. If you are on my mailing list you will be getting an announcement card in the next couple of weeks. If you aren't on my list, send me an email and I will make sure you get a wonderful announcement, suitable for framing (in a very small frame.)

Another news flash: I will be showing in a solo show at the San Luis Obispo Art Center in April and May- details to follow.

In my John Dewey reading today, I came across a passage that crystallized something for me:
"The difference between external and intrinsic operations runs through all the affairs of life. One student studies to pass and examination, to get a promotion. To another, the means, the activity of learning, is completely at one with what results from it. The consequence, the illumination, the learning, is at one with the results from it. Means and end coalesce,....
..., Being "good" for the sake of avoiding penalty, whether it be going to jail or going to hell, makes conduct unlovely.,.... A large part of popular revulsion against utilitarianism in moral theory is because of its exaggeration of sheer calculation."

A new idea came to me on my walk, this morning- what about evolving the Dumbass Opera paintings into a series of pieces that feature expressionist/absurdist imagery of naval aviation?

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