Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Dream Of Losing Teeth

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the peeping kiss is so easter
comes as a dwarf to
remind us of the one big trick
the one that ends in blood and cabbage
the trick that blesses us with savage mercy
and imparts suffering to the heart in our pocket.

The devil sniffs around the night
shrinking from murder thanks to
the voice of the snake
thanks to the chocolate bunny
thanks to his funny little agony
his fiddle is a form that passes for a cross.
up you go!


What whore on the doorstep
could be so full of himself
with fork and overcoat he comes to
eat at the exorcism
to impel us to relax
to taunt us then object at our leaving.
a cracked cough announces his act
a ventriloquist with no mouth
he turns to conjure the day
and finally leaves in thanks.

1 comment:

Richard Ewing said...

They ALL seem to be entertained by his funny little agony.
I'm partial to the head~flap~a~rama in number two; it's what life's all about now.