Monday, March 21, 2011

It Seems Like A Dream

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enjoy the change
keeping good but held down
going from job to job
and read about some possible slaughter
the cruelty will hurt you
another hell inserts itself
and belches news
and keeps us waiting


I find enough comfort
in the curse of an eclipse
it helps to know that even fools
can kiss
where luck alone is not enough
one may pace a country of minutes
and hold us bare at the brothel door
we monsters nurse various vipers
and share infernal opinions
upturning the things we share
and having enough of proper prayer
goddamn the ear that finds this voice
buying smoke and hoping for help


Richard Ewing said...

I like number 2.
I like the competing elements,
and I like the guy who made it through unscathed...

Alice Andreini said...

Love the Jesus walking a water VS the poor drenched fellow victim to the whims of earth and sky.

Elizabeth Catherine O'Leary said...

Some of the drawings on here are so fantastic, I love all of these ones.