Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shadows and Divots

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All things end.
before there was experience
there was a gentle hand
that tied the knot
that bent the rocks
and made the sea
this was not a life of rain
but of mail order blooms and
kneelength dreams
incredibly, even joy became unfastened
and fell like rocks
lost in time
All things end.
the young are served
their darling roads are satinlined
cause yet undecided
their finger stiff and
pointed slowly downward


Adorer of night
the royal tight
took a wrong turn
in the eyelet of Paris
hound of distinction
awaiting dishonor
how dull your eyes now
your visitor an
the dance thickens as the
head gets heavy
you mumble your orders
the sickness advances
infatuations are bungled
we lace our intentions
with voices dancing
we remain worn with luck

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