Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monsters In Conversation

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Holding my breath
rustling, bursting,
what comes to pass?
standing up and finished I net a thing,
a yoke of diamonds
no more measurements need be taken
shed these blows and wait
for the larger world outside
wait at the edge of understanding
Where the sweat and silk
will be taken from your hands
and replaced with nails.


The splendid cat surrenders
to the blind pull of the street
at chilly, chilly night it shifts
its poses to small things, how it
decides its conversion
and departs the mirror,
and washes away the delicate
blackness around it.
what little second-hand
mouth are we reminded of, anyway?


Richard Ewing said...

number 1.
composition, rhythm, interplay, expressions, value, bovine.

it has it all.

JFoster said...

Love the sketches, obviously have some emotion in them