Monday, March 28, 2011

We Are Stunned By the Absurdity Of Our Situation

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Breathe in the hot night
take a smile for your mistress
and give into a charmed glove
in a spare bed
where you train for the end
where you look out for different dances
perhaps like a wedding you'll never attend where
the hand lectures the depths
and droops from the carrying of
maidens who wash up on the beach
to make you hard.


what's good for looking at
is a weapon for kissing
a nickel-plated instinct with your
initials carved on the side
jeweled modesty holding
gallons of you between its thighs
its accent indistinct
its knees hinting at what's to come
the dark advance of fascination
you think is for you
but you are mistaken
you are just a seam a
daring vice laid limp
to advance the night.

1 comment:

Bill Jaynes said...

Oh Man, I know that weight of pulling the head through life. As always thought provoking and enjoyable to view your work.